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Particulate matter is now being referred to as
the "Asbestos of the 21st Century"

Potential parliamentary enquiry into NorthConnex! We need your help.

CLICK HERE to view the media release from the Greens NSW MP and transport spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi. Of extreme importance is that Dr Faruqi has placed a motion to establish an inquiry into NorthConnex.

This is an excellent opportunity to uncover (amongst other things) important information on the unsolicited bid process and health impacts on communities. In order for this enquiry to proceed, it will require the support of the Christian Democrats and/or The Shooters Party (the Liberals/Nationals will certainly not support the enquiry, and Labor are likely to).

It is imperative that the minor parties receive lots of correspondence from the community encouraging them to support the enquiry within the next 24-48 hrs. The Word version you can find here is an example that you can adapt as you see fit. Please ask your spouse/sister/neighbour/best friend to send emails also. The greater the community support for an enquiry, the greater the chance of it occurring. If email is not your thing - call them instead, but please make sure you make contact with them.

[ Click here to view sample email - Word ]

Contact details:

Christian Democratic Party (CDP)
Rev Fred Nile
Phone: 9230 2478

Paul Green
Phone: 9230 3484

Shooters and Fishers Party

Robert Borsak
9230 2850

Robert Brown
Phone: 9230 3059

SMH: "MP Drops support for NorthConnex" [ view article ]

Fill out Mike Baird's "Issue Survey" [ click here ]

Email Pru Goward (Minister for Planning NSW), Mike Baird (Premier) and Duncan Gay (Minister for Roads)
and let them know your concerns. This is not over by a long shot!

Pru Goward:
Mike Baird:
Duncan Gay: 

View the video from the Independent Forum on the Health Impacts of Air Pollution

Speakers included:

Professor Stephen Leeder
Professor emeritus in public health and community medicine, Menzies Centre for Health Policy, University of Sydney.

Michele Goldman
CEO – The Asthma Foundation NSW.

Fiona Davies
CEO – The Australian Medical Association.

Dr. Richard Chard
Adult and Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon Clinical Associate Professor Department of Surgery, University of Sydney.

About the pollution stack in Wahroonga

The current design has a pollution stack at Wahroonga located near the corner of Bareena and Woonona Avenues in the middle of a built-up residential area with many schools. This stack will pump out huge amounts of unfiltered pollution from tens of thousand of cars and trucks in the 9KM tunnel, impacting the health of local residents including many elderly people and over 9,000 school children.

Don't think that you are far enough away to be safe! Studies conducted by NSW Health and CSIRO on other tunnel pollution stacks such as the M5 prove that the toxic pollutants travel more than 2 km from the source. See the map below.
We have marked the schools where over 9,000 children attend every day and elderly care locations - the old and the young are at higher risk of harm. See GROUND ZERO map.

The NorthConnex team will talk about how air pollution in Sydney is low by world standards and there is nothing to worry about. This could not be further from the truth. A recent OECD report (see link) shows that the number of air pollution related deaths between 2005 and 2010 rose by an alarming 68 percent. The report explains that a large contributor to this rise is the increase of diesel vehicles emitting small "nano" particles. Indeed many experts are now label this as the "Asbestos of the twenty first century". Small nano particles from 5,000 diesel emitting trucks will be dumped onto 9,500 school children and many more thousands of residents every day from the NorthConnex smoke stack.